Welcome to Coaching Circles

This event allows you to network with other alumni, with a focus on additional coaching practice.

Here is a suggested Coaching Circle Structure:

  • Three members, meeting 4 times over 2 months.
  • Circle members will be emailed their specific cohorts. Circle members will contact each other and set up their first meeting, etc.
  • The ideal session is 90 minutes, but each circle can create their own structure, i.e., 60-minute sessions.
  • A coaches B, C observes, and rotate each 20 minutes.
  • Real coaching sessions: Be prepared to be a coach, to be coached, and to observe.
  • Confidentiality – note all conversations are completely confidential.

Coach gives feedback first (suggested questions):

  1. What can I acknowledge about myself?
  2. What did I notice about my coaching?
  3. What went well / challenged me?
  4. What ICF core competencies can I improve upon?
  5. How am I adhering to the ICF code of ethics?

Client acknowledges the coach and coaching experience:

  1. How confident was I in my coach’s skillset?
  2. What did I observe about myself?
  3. Did I increase my clarity and self awareness?
  4. How did this coaching session help me move forward?


  1. How did the coach serve the client?
  2. How did the client move forward?
  3. What ICF competencies were observed?
  4. What ICF competencies could be improved upon?

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