Christian Life Coaches: Who Are They and Why do You Need One?

The rise of Christian life coaches can be traced back a couple of decades, when baby boomers were reaching middle age and beginning to reflect on important life questions such as: Is this all there is to my life or is there actually more? Am I truly happy with what [...]

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Christian Life Coaching: A Biblical Approach

There are three basic principles that all Christian life coaches must integrate into their coaching: faith, truth, and perseverance. These are the principles that make Christian life coaching different from other types of coaching. These principles will help the coach and benefit the coachee by providing deep insights and understanding [...]

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8 Important Things to Know Before Taking a Christian Life Coach Certification Program

According to the Harvard Business Review, the life coaching industry is raking in billions of dollars every year. Many executives are turning to life coaching to give their career trajectories a push in the right direction. But even more significant is the growth of Christian life coaching. More Christians are [...]

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How to Become a Christian Life Coach

Life coaches, whether Christian or non-Christian, use the same communication tools and should aspire to the same ICF certification. The main difference between the two is that a Christian life coach integrates the Christian belief system into the coaching relationship. For starters, every believer ought to rely on the direction [...]

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Why take an ICF Accredited Christian Life Coach Training?

A recent ICF survey estimated life coaching to be a $1.979 billion industry/year. As the awareness and need for coaching continue to increase, this figure will continue to grow over the years. The notable thing about the survey was the bulk of the income reportedly came from 47,500 certified life [...]

Christian Life Coaching Websites and the Importance of Asking Powerful Questions

Every Christian life coaching website should stress the importance of asking powerful questions. Why? Because life coaches need to understand the power of well-structured and impeccably timed questions. Why are insightful questions so important? Consider your personal day-to-day interactions; there are some questions that arise that make you pause for [...]

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Why Should You Be a Christian Life Coach?

One of the common questions asked is, “Why should I be a Christian life coach?” This question means different things to different people, so are some aspects to consider, helping you answer the question in your own way. People Helper People who feel called to be a Christian life coach [...]

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How Christian Life Coaching Relates to a Biblical Worldview

A recent study shows that even though organizations spend billions of dollars on seminars and other staff development programs, less than 10 percent of attendees usually show any meaningful change. The lack of support and follow-up on the trainees is probably the biggest reason why these seminars do not work [...]

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Steps to Setting up Your Christian Life Coach Business

As Christians, we should always strive to “do things right.” With a Christian life coach business, you want to be “above reproach.” Here are the essentials you need to know do that your business meets a higher standard—God’s stamp of approval. 1. Get Certified. Proverbs 11:14 tells us, “Where there [...]

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