3 Ways Certified Life Coach Training Makes You a Better Coach

Even though certified life coach training is not a must for you to start your life coaching business, getting certified has unique advantages. The most obvious advantage is that certification separates the non-trained from the professionals. However, there are other benefits gained by taking a life coach training that is [...]

The ICF Certification Levels and How to Obtain Them

The International Coach Federation (ICF) was founded in 1995 and has grown to be the most trusted name in life coach certification. ICF has tens of thousands of members, and there is a good chance of finding an ICF chapter near you. Obtaining at least one of the ICF certification [...]

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Why take an ICF Accredited Christian Life Coach Training?

A recent ICF survey estimated life coaching to be a $1.979 billion industry/year. As the awareness and need for coaching continue to increase, this figure will continue to grow over the years. The notable thing about the survey was the bulk of the income reportedly came from 47,500 certified life [...]

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