The Benefit of Accredited Life Coaching Programs

A life coach is someone who makes a living by helping clients overcome an obstacle and unlock their potential, thereby attaining their goals and aspirations. Life coaching usually attracts clients who are looking for personal development and interested in fulfilling their destiny. This is one of the main reasons a [...]

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What to Look for When Searching for the Best Life Coaching Programs

The best life coaching programs are typically tailored to produce the highest quality of life coaches. According to the ICF, “Life Coaching is a professional partnership between the coach and their client focused on the discovery of one’s life direction.” In other words, the goal of the life coach should [...]

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The Advantages of Becoming a Certified Life Coach

If you were to ask random people what life is, you might draw some strange stares, but you would certainly get diverse views and opinions. However, the discussion would get really interesting if you were to ask this follow-up question: Who is a life coach? In general, the average person [...]

Accredited Life Coaching Programs Quality Control

The International Coach Federation (ICF) is committed to the highest standards of coaching. One of the ways the ICF maintains their standards is through accreditation of training programs. Accredited life coaching programs are programs that have gone through rigorous inspection and auditing by the ICF and adhere to their accreditation [...]

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What Is a Life Coach?

A life coach is a professional who is duly trained and certified in developing synergetic relationships with their clients in order to help them realize their full potential. The same way an athlete needs a coach to guide their training and give input, anyone can also benefit immensely by using [...]

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3 Ways Certified Life Coach Training Makes You a Better Coach

Even though certified life coach training is not a must for you to start your life coaching business, getting certified has unique advantages. The most obvious advantage is that certification separates the non-trained from the professionals. However, there are other benefits gained by taking a life coach training that is [...]

Using the Wheel of Life as a Life Coach

It takes diligent practice and experience to become a successful life coach. And the deeper you understand your client, the easier it is for you to help guide them in attaining their goals. A deeper understanding of your client will arm you with the insights needed to come up with [...]

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