In Galatians 6:2, Paul exhorts us to carry the burdens of others for “that is the fulfillment of the law.” You do not have to look very far to find a Christian brother or sister that can use some help. Some are confused and looking for direction, others are hurting and need healing, while others have everything figured out, but they need help putting a few things in order.
As a certified Christian life coach, you can make a difference in the lives of Christians by offering them professional and godly help, according to proper coaching protocol. Here are some tips that can help you to make the most out of Christian life coach certification programs.

Life Coach Certification1. Decide to Excel

Success is 100 percent intentional. Those who excel at a given task, goal, or reach a milestone do so after making a deliberate decision to pursue nothing short of excellence. There are very few forces on earth that come close to that of a person who is determined to succeed. Determination will make hard work seem much easier. Determination will replace the pain of toil with the joy of fulfillment.

Determination helps you to see beyond any obstacles that might be on your way because you will be focused on the goal, allowing you to look beyond any hurdles. Hebrews 12:2 tells us that Jesus was able to bear the pain of the cross because he was determined to attain the glory that would come afterward. If you want to be an awesome Christian life coach, then you must purpose to get the most out of the certification program.

2. Discover yourself

Paul reminds us that even though we are one body, we are all different (1 Cor. 12:12). While you may admire a Christian life coach who left an indelible mark on your life, remember that God has not called you to be like him. You will have similar coaching methodologies, but you have a custom-made purpose from your heavenly Father.
Before signing up for a Christian life coach program, take some time to self-examination. Ask yourself, “What gifts and natural abilities do I have that complement my Christian life coaching aspirations?” Understanding your strengths, abilities, and even weakness can go a long way in helping you understand your role as a Christian life coach.
how to Discover yourself
These will also help you to know what is you should specialize in an area and the kind of clients you can best work with. Many Christians have a tendency to want to do anything and everything. The problem with that is they end up spreading themselves too thin, and their “many works” end up achieving little success. If you take time to discover yourself, you will know exactly what you were created to do and be able to focus for better results.

3. Unlearn

Learning is often easier than unlearning. Before you sign up for any certification course, make sure you are teachable. That can be quite a challenge for experienced professionals and leaders. Being able to “unlearn” is important, otherwise acquiring new information might be an uphill task.
Jesus used the analogy of wine and wineskins to illustrate this timeless truth. He said that you cannot put new wine in old wineskins (Mathew 9:17). If you want to make the most of new information you must make a deliberate decision to be teachable. Do not reject new information just because it contradicts what you have always held true. Be open to new ideas and methods and that will help you to become a better Christian life coach.

4. Persevere

There is a saying: “There is no shortcut to anyplace worth going.” The path to success is not only rugged but often comes with speed bumps and potholes. Instead of becoming discouraged, look the “negatives” from a positive angle. Remember, the higher the path your own, the more that struggles you will need to endure. You must determine to persevere to the end, then enjoy the sweat of your labor.
Everyone will have to deal with their own set of challenges. Maybe you have to juggle your day job in order to complete your Christian life coach certification program at night. Perhaps you have to reduce expenses in order to afford to complete the program.
Very few people attained meaningful success without paying a price. And this is what actually makes success worthwhile. When life gets hard remind yourself the age-old adage: When the going gets tough that the tough get going.

5. Take a Step of FaithTake a Step of Faith

After planning and praying about taking the certification program that you need to jumpstart your Christian coaching career, it’s time to get started. This means you must resist all procrastination. When God called Abraham, he didn’t give him all the details of the journey. He just told him that he would be taking him to a place he would show him.

ll Abraham knew was he was headed to a place called “there.” You might never get a clear picture of your future as a Christian life coach before you get started. God will only shine enough light for the step you are on. Step out in faith and get the certification. As you take those small first steps, God will continue ordering your path.

6. Continuous improvement

Do not rest on your laurels once you hit certain milestones. For instance, the fact that you have achieved your desired certification, that doesn’t mean you have done all the learning there is about being a life coach. Take time to continuously improve yourself.
Remember this analogy: There are two types of lumberjacks, one that spends a lot of time sharpening his blade, and one that thinks time is better spent on actually felling some trees. However, the one who spends time sharpening his ax saves much time and strength when he finally starts to cut the tree.
When you continuously sharpen your life coaching skills, you will have a greater impact on your clients. Take time for refresher courses, reading books, as well as following the blogs of other successful Christian life coaches. You cannot be a successful life coach if you completely isolate yourself from other experts in your field.
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