Where to get life coach certification

A certified professional coach is one who has gone through a certification program from a recognized training program. The certified life coach then applies the acquired skills to support their clients in discovering and exploring their potential, and thereby create happier and more fulfilled lives. Where exactly does one get [...]

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Life Coach Certification: Is it Worth Your Time?

You have a vast amount of work experience and have always enjoyed helping people to better themselves so you figure, why not become a life coach? As you begin to research on how to get started in the life coaching business, you soon realize there is lots of talk about [...]

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Do You Need to be Certified to Become a Life Coach?

If you enjoy helping people to realize their full potential, you should consider a career as a life coach. Whether you want to start a business or add life coaching skills to your current position, getting started as a life coach is easy for anyone who has an interest. Life [...]

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