We live in interesting times. The modern-day life bombards everyone, from the stay-at-home parent to the high-level executive. Everyone is bombarded with a plethora of choices and options that often leave him or her confused. Today’s competitive and dynamic multi-level environments are engulfed in a mixed bag of political, scientific, environmental, and economic changes that influence life in ways previously never thought of.
Need for Coaches with ICF CertificationThen there is the task-oriented nature of life that demands instant decision-making, even though there seems to be less time each day to make those decisions. This pressure and complexity is one of the main reasons why people from all walks of life seek out the help of a life coach. And because of the need to get it right the first time, people are not just looking for any life coaches—they are looking for ICF certified coaches.
It is important to note from the onset that, as helpful as life coaches can be, there are certain situations that are not ideal for life coaching. For instance, if someone is struggling with emotional wounds because of some kind of abuse or other ordeal they have gone through, he or she should consider getting help from a counselor, which is the more prudent path to follow. A counselor is able to help a person look into his or her past, then help that person find the skills to overcome. Life coaching is more forward-thinking. It does not dwell on past issues, but looks at the present in order to forge a path into the future.
The following are more reasons why individuals seek the help of life coaches who have ICF certification:

Why Individuals Hire Life Coachesreasons to hire a life coach

People who believe in themselves and in their dreams are more likely to succeed than those who do not. This is true even if both of types of people hire the same life coach. A life coach can help clients to stretch their self-image by creating a bridge between where his or her clients are at the moment and where they want to go. Here are some of the common reasons people seek out the services of life coaches:
  • Help in sorting out different options in order to determine the most sensible direction.
  • Help in self-discovery as well as support in pursuit of personal dreams and ambitions.
  • Bridging the gap between where they are at the moment and where they desire to be in the short term and long term.
  • Help in surmounting obstacles on the path towards their destiny.
  • Help in breaking away from patterns of perfectionism that limit people from discovering new frontiers.
  • Help in sorting out preferences, capabilities, and aspirations in order to know how to set priorities in spiritual, career, and personal development.
  • Helping in attaining greater success in personal, business, or professional careers.
  • For assistance in moving past the difficulties of achieving personal goals or dealing with diverse financial and economic hardships.

Why Organizations Hire Life Coaches

Life coaching is becoming increasingly popular in the corporate world. Even international organizations like the United Nations are constantly looking for life coaches who have ICF certification. Obviously, the duties and responsibilities of coaches who work as employees of organizations will differ depending on the unique needs of the organization. Here are seven common reasons organizations look to hire life coaches:
  • To work with staff to increase their job effectiveness.
  • To help enhance the performance of staff at various levels in the organization.
  • To help the staff be better time managers and therefore improve on their overall efficiency.
  • To help augment any gaps in the professional development of staff.
  • To equip staff with skills, tools, and the mental framework needed to handle the increasing demands and challenges of their jobs.
  • To equip staff with new skills and abilities that are needed to transform them into better leaders.
  • To save money. It is cheaper for the organization to hire a life coach who will support their employees than to replace employees with new ones.

Why You need to be Certified as a Life Coach

Taking a course from an ICF credentialed institution is the first step in getting the ICF certification. Like any other career, though, life coaching demands specific requirements. For instance, life coaching would be a great fit for those who love helping people. It is not necessary to know every step a client needs to take in order to help him or her—that is what the training is for. Training will prepare and equip you with the important tools, skills, and resources needed to be a proficient life coach.
Certified as a Life CoachLife coaching is still a largely unregulated field, so it is possible to start your life coaching practice without any certification. However, doing so will handicap you in your venture. As life coaching increases in popularity, clients are becoming increasingly wary of who they hire. Nowadays, your audience of prospective clients will be greatly limited until you have your ICF certification. Because first-time clients have no way of knowing how good you are as a life coach, they can rely on the fact that ICF certified coaches are usually well trained and vetted.
Most people mistake life coaching for other related careers such as counseling, mentoring, and consulting. The fact that most professional counselors also offer life coaching services complicates the coaching space even more. If you become a life coach without obtaining the proper training, there is a good chance you will mix different skillsets. This will not only affect your business, but limit the effectiveness of your clients. This is why you shouldn’t start taking clients before you get the training needed that covers all the ICF life coaching competencies. These are the prerequisites identified by the ICF that any coach should be aware of.
Last but not least, getting certified will help you to receive a better rate for your services. This is true for life coaches who work in organizations as well as those who work as independent consultants. A lot of learning, preparation, and practice go into getting certified, so it makes sense that ICF certified coaches will charge a higher rate than those that are not certified. And the certification will also expose you to better opportunities. For instance, you wouldn’t be given a chance to work in a large organization as their life coach without the certification.


Most people can benefit greatly from hiring a life coach. However, there is a general misconception that life coaching is only for people who are in a bad place and are looking for some sort of emotional crutch. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, people who are dealing with pain and hurt should work with a therapist to overcome their past issues before they consider working with a life coach. A life coach is focused on the future and a path for his or her client’s success. As life coaching becomes more mainstream in the years to come, the demand for ICF certified coaches will continue to rise. The time has never been better to get your ICF certification.
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