Terms & Conditions


Registrants must attend all sessions or make-up missed sessions at a later program in the same calendar year. Aim Higher does not offer partial completion certification. Full completion of the program is required in order to receive the Aim Higher CPC certificate. If the registrant does not make up missed sessions within the same calendar year, they must retake the program.

ICF Certification Program

Registrants who want to pursue their ICF credential must complete the full AIM HIGHER 3-day, 60 hour program as directed by the AIM HIGHER staff. Registrants will receive 4 hours of business training as part of their program. Upon completion, graduates will receive the Aim Higher CPC certification.

The AIM HIGHER Professional Life Coach Certification organization does not require ongoing educational classes for membership purposes. However, ICF offers a vast curriculum of continuing education, and we strongly encourage membership.

Non-ICF Certification Program

Registrants who don’t require ICF certification must complete 56 hours of the 3-day program. This is best suited for pastors, ministry leaders, business leaders, and others who want life coach knowledge and training, but are not interested in starting a business. Once completed, registrants will receive their non-ICF Certified Life Coach Certificate. The specialized business and promotional training is not available for non-ICF certification participants.

Payment Plans

Payment plans must be approved by the AIM HIGER administration. Registrants can make a one-time payment, two payments of equal amounts, or four equal payments. Final payment must be received one week prior to the program date in which a registrant has enrolled. Note: The AHPLCC administration is not responsible for any extra costs incurred by the registrant, including, but not limited to travel, lodging, car rental and food.

Cancellations and Payment Transfers

Registrants have a 72-hour cancellation period after the first payment is received by the AIM HIGHER administration. After the 72-hour cancellation period has expired the first payment is non-refundable. All subsequent payments are non-refundable but transferrable to a later program or transferrable to another individual of the registrant’s choice.

Cancellation of Program

In the event of an emergency, if an AIM HIGHER program is cancelled, registrants will be notified as soon as possible and given opportunity to register for the next program. The AHPLCC program, staff and administration is not responsible for any extra costs incurred by the registrant due to cancellation, including, but not limited to travel, lodging, car rental and food.

Class Materials

Registrants will receive either an AIM HIGHER certified or non-ICF certified manual based on their registration choice. They will also receive assignments, handouts, and other course material as deemed appropriate.

Termination and Disruption

If at any time during a class, a registrant becomes disruptive or fails to act in a professional manner towards an AIM HIGHER staff member or fellow students, (i.e., under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs, rude or violent behavior), the registrant will be immediately dismissed and no refund of any kind or in any manner will be given.


AIM HIGHER Life Coach Certification reserves the unilateral right to modify or amend the terms and conditions of this agreement as needed.